Always Watch the Credits

Long after the tourists have seen their Golden Hour sunset, you’ll still find me sitting on the sand, waiting for that moment where the sun and moon share the sky; the moment where the water turns to flowing silk, everything goes still and the colours shift to burnt tobacco and over-ripe strawberry.

It’s my favourite time to people watch: families trying to eek that last bit of time out of a beautiful day together; dog owners walking while their furry buddies chase the waves; couples sitting in comfortable silence soaking in the fading light. There is a calmness to it all, like someone hit a pause button; everyone captive within that serene space in-between moments.


Merino/Silk/yarn scrap felt

Deconstructed clothing

Vintage & handspun thread/yarns

Hand & Machine stitching

Bisque fired bead

Mounted and box framed in Victorian Ash ⠀


Approx 55 x 64 framed



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