The Process

Long before sustainability was a ‘thing’, when wearing second hand clothes meant you were poor and vintage was reserved for dress ups, I was a thrifty hunter in a 70’s shirt and well worn in second-hand jeans.

Growing up at the base of The Dandenongs, my connection to nature was well developed and ‘waste not, want not’ was just a natural part of my creative practice. This continues in my work today –¬† even if it means I have to wait until I find just the right tone of second-hand silk to create the artwork that is bursting to come out, I wait. I hunt and I wait.

At least 90% of the materials  used in my art pieces are vintage, sustainable, created by myself or Australian small producers, or are from deconstructed clothing purchased at a charity op-shop. I also incorporate mindfully gathered found objects and handmade clay objects.

Each material included has its own story – it’s own past, its own energy.