Knee Deep

Ankle deep, calf deep, knee deep then with breath held and eyes squeezed shut, body braced against the sting of the frigid water, to the waist. Her eyes fling open “SOMETHING JUST TOUCHED MY LEG!!!!”. But the point of being here, out of her comfort zone, is to confront irrational fear; to allow acceptance of the unknown. So deep breaths, opening each sense as they flow, until she is calm, fully present and overwhelmed with the love she feels for this water, this place, this moment. ⠀


Merino/Silk/yarn scrap felt

Deconstructed clothing

Vintage threads

Hand & Machine stitching

Mounted and box framed in Victorian Ash ⠀


Approx 72 x 79cm framed

* Please note – this piece will be framed once purchased; the framed picture is a fair representation of what it will look like though!


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