Midnight Dip



Hot. Bothered. Sleepless. It’s times like these she’s driven to do slightly strange things – like taking a midnight dip in The Bay. Long accustomed to the fact that the water is far from tropical,  she moves out toward the tiny fingernail moon, wincing with each centimeter as frigid water washes over burning skin. There’s only one solution to it really – all in. Plonk! She sits, and lets out a little squeak.


Deconstructed clothing

Thread pulled from clothing

Hand stitching

Handmade felt constructed from Merino wool, deconstructed clothing & fabric remnant

Mounted and box framed


25 x 25 cm framed

Please note: This  piece is  framed in a low-cost frame with perspex front. Alternative framing is available on request.


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